Climate Simulations and Games

this page offers you a collection of educational games related to climate change and teaching the future.
A role playing game where participants get to explore the necessary speed and level of action that nations must take to address global climate change. (multiple languages)
A game created by United Nation Development Programme and its aim is to convince students through gamification of the need to tackle the global warming.
Simulation game in which players are mayor of a world city who has to make choices about how to invest in order to combine economic prosperity with a liveable world.(5 languages)
An interactive augmented reality app experience about Satellites, how they work, what data they collect and how is it useful?
Climate change game based on adaptation in different natural regions in Germany (in german)
The aim is to maximise awareness, access, use and understanding of satellite data for climate research. It addresses a general public and educational audience as well as representing ESA climate office at exhibition environments.
A game to increase the well-being and happiness in an imaginary city. Addresses climate change and problem solving. (several languages)
Game to help people understand climate change impacts and start thinking about how they might adapt
A game based on a simple ice sheet model which represents the way in which ice flows, and how that flow is altered by changes in the surrounding environment.
Interactive storymap lesson about climate and climate change, shows data and simulations (in spanish)
A simulation game to see whether you (with the help of your advisor) can save the planet from the worst effects of climate change.
A collection of games and simulations related to weather, climate, atmospheric science, and space weather education
The climate memory is game to start discussions on the topic of climate and gauge existing prior knowledge about different topics. (Dutch language)
Memory type game with information about climate smart techniques and protection of the impact of climate change
A set of 28 games for classrooms dealing with different aspects of climate change - many could be used as ice breaker activities
Using a simple online model, students learn about the relationship between average global temperature and carbon dioxide emissions while predicting temperature change over the 21st Century.
Play with your class one of the games specially developed for De Geo and learn more about Europe's climate (Dutch language)
A quiz based game about environment, energy and other topics related to climate change
A series of visualisations fro NASA that simulate how some of Earth's key climate indicators are changing over time.
Giki Zero is a step by step guide to help people understand, track and reduce their carbon footprint. It sets targets for people to live more sustainably.
Play the climagte games from NOAA and take the challenge to make your own game about the impact of climate on the place you live