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Europeans remain very concerned about climate change

According to the European Commission, a Eurobarometer survey shows that more than three quarters (77%) of EU citizens think climate change remains a very serious problem. Climate change is considered the most serious problem facing the world by respondents in seven countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland, and Sweden. It ranks among the top three in 16 of the 27 Member States.

A majority of Europeans think that the European Union (56%), national governments (56%), business and industry (53%) are responsible for tackling climate change. Whereas only 35% hold themselves personally responsible.survey image

Respondents think that it is important that their national government (86%) and the European Union (85%) take action to improve energy efficiency by 2030, for instance by encouraging people to insulate their home, install solar panels or buy electric cars. They think the use of renewable energy sources (58%) should be accelerated, energy efficiency increased, and the transition to a green economy sped up,

Taking Climate Action

survey data imageThree quarters of respondents (75%) agreed that taking action on climate change will lead to innovation that will make EU companies more competitive. Almost as many (73%) agree that the cost of the damage caused by climate change is much higher than the cost of investing in a green transition.

Seven in ten respondents agreed reducing fossil fuel imports from outside the EU can increase energy security and benefit the EU economically (70%). Almost eight in ten (78%) agree that more public financial support should  be allocated to the transition for clean energies, even if it means subsidies to fossil fuels should be reduced.

More than 9 in ten respondents (93%) have taken at least one specific action to fight climate change, most notably by reducing and recycling waste (70%) and cutting down on consumption of disposable items whenever possible (53%).

Around one in three have taken action by changing their diets, specifically by buying and eating more organic food (28%) and buying and eating less meat (31%).

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