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Green Flag for one of our school partners!

One of the Teaching the Future project partners, Doukas School, and more specifically its primary school, received once more, this year the Green Flag from the Hellenic Society for the Protection of NatureDoukas school image


The objective of this Programme is to change the behaviour of everyone within the school community so that the school will become a real “Eco School”.

This is achieved through the formulation and implementation of:

an “Eco-code” (a set of environmental behaviour standards), and the implementation of
an Environmental Action Plan (which involves all the surrounding area of the school and its conversion into a clean, attractive, and friendly space).

In every school, students and teachers establish an Environmental Committee, which addresses issues of energy, waste, and water. (later on, they can deal with other subjects such as transport, healthy living, biodiversity, consumerism, etc.).

At the same time, the Committee oversees the implementation of the “Action Plan” and the “Ecocode” with the participation of the whole school community. Finally, in order to achieve links with the local community and ensure the raising of public awareness, the school organises activities and events in cooperation with the local government and authorities.

Educational material is provided for all subjects dealt with by the Network.doukas pupils-3

Doukas Primary School was evaluated positively for the set of actions and the Eco-code that was implemented. Among others, it was awarded for the Actions “I learn about forests” (2nd grade) and “Recycle-Reuse” (3rd and 4th grade).

Doukas School contributes to all aspects of the Teaching the Future project and will develop internal and external evaluation of the results of the project:

– a report on Teaching the Future
– a digital data dashboard for accessing climate data / information
– a teacher training course

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