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Heading towards a UN Plastics Treaty?

Following on from the international climate change agreement, United Nations member states have agreed to start international negotiations on drawing up a global plastics treaty that could set rules for production, use and disposal of plastics. The decision was made at a meeting of the UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi. Representatives from 175 countries endorsed an historic resolution to forge a legally binding agreement by 2024 to “end plastic pollutionplastic to ocean image

This is the first steps towards the approval of a plan to create the world’s first global plastic pollution treaty in Nairobi. The member states have held talks to agree on the outline of a pact about the soaring plastic pollution, one of today’s greatest environmental crisis widespread all around the globe.

World leaders have until 2024 to agree the plastic pollution treaty, including which elements will be legally binding and how the deal will be financed.

Environmental groups are calling for clear and strong global standards that incentivise nations to stick to common rules and regulations over plastics, while penalising harmful products and practices.

The partners of the Teaching the Future project, as agents preoccupied with the environmental repercussions of today’s behaviour towards our planet, want to show our support and enthusiasm on this important achievement. All efforts on the promotion of a more sustainable design on plastic packaging would imply a change in the creation and consumption of any product.

Inger Anderson (Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme) stated, “this is a historic moment” that we must celebrate and emphasise.

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