Module 2: Why Powerful Learning

Why Powerful Learning

Powerful Learning is the design and implementation of learning experiences that foster Deep Understanding while developing core competencies designed to prepare students for future challenges.

Powerful Learning incorporates lesson design, implementation, and assessment using strategic instruction.

The ultimate goal of Powerful Learning is for students to achieve Deep Understanding through learning experiences that help them to grow, discover and change– change their thinking, change themselves and perhaps change the world.

Activity: Examine the Recommendations to develop Powerful Learning experiences. Which of these actions do you think is most suited to teaching about climate change?

Activity: How does this diagram about climate learning relate to these recommendations

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Goal of Powerful Learning

The ultimate teaching goal is to design learning experiences that will enable our students to develop Deep Understanding.

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Powerful Learning is the design of learning experiences that facilitate deep student understanding.

Activity: Look at the document Designing Powerful Learning Experiences.
Consider how this might relate to teaching about climate change?
Make a list of what might be considered as foundational knowledge and foundational skills for learning about climate.

Activity: Download and use the Learning Activity Template to record one of the learning activities you implement in class.

Present your learning activity by focusing on the following: “Do you think there are elements of powerful learning? Which?”

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