Module 2: Creativity and Powerful Learning 1

Creativity and Powerful Learning 1

This section aims to:
* Introduce teachers to a set of creativity teaching techniques
* present appropriate learning environments and the phases to implement the teaching techniques.
* s
upport the integration of such techniques into daily teaching practice.

Powerful Learning is the design and implementation of learning experiences that foster Deep Understanding while developing core competencies designed to prepare students for future challenges.

The techniques mentioned are designed to endorse the participants creativity when engaged in a specific topic or problem .

In this case, the activities target students’ creativity related to the complex issues related to climate change, which is critical for the achievement of powerful learning.

climate issues

As it is evident, to achieve a high level of creativity, the techniques aim to foster a deep and multi-aspect understanding of the topic or problem in focus.

Three approaches are explored here and on the next page
– Six Thinking Hats
– World Cafe Dialogue
– Brainwriting 6-3-5

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SIX THINKING HATS: What is this technique about?

The Six Thinking Hats approach is a teaching model promoting critical and creative thinking. It is used for exploring different perspectives towards a complex situation or challenge and therefore is ideal for addressing climate issues.

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This colourful strategy exposes learners to six different styles of thinking and helps them look at a problem from six different perspectives. It’s a simple mental metaphor.

Activity: Play the video which explains the 6 Thinking Hats Approach

Activity: Download and explore the Six Thinking Hats approach to creative learning.

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