Module 3: Achieving local climate engagement

Local involvement

This normally involves a combination of steps, depending on the specific context and goals.

Activity: play this video of the six steps necessary to create an online community.
Consider how it might it enable climate action.

Activity: Download and examine the general steps that can be helpful in enabling local engagement

Explore some useful tools to help build community engagement.
Which ones are the most interesting from your local perspective?

The EU has created a Web site with 170 Actions to Combat Climate Change giving  10 suggestions for each of the 17 SDG goals.

Goal 13 is Climate Action – visit the suggestions for climatewhich indicate what individuals can do on a daily basis to protect the environment and help mitigate climate change effects

<–  European Green Deal


Creating positive change

Raising awareness of young people in climate issues is essential because they are the future generation that will face the consequences of climate change.

climate awareness image

Activity: Look at the document with some strategies to raise climate awareness.
Think of ways to implement each of the strategies in your local region.
Propose an experience that can help others to understand the impacts of climate change

Activity: Play the video which is a call to action to protect, restore and fund climate solutions

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