Module 3: European Green Deal


The European Commission flagship sustainability initiative is known as the Green Deal. It aims to deliver climate neutrality, leaving no one behind and involves local community action.

The purpose is to
* Empower Europe’s local and regional leaders to take action on climate change.
* Accelerate the uptake of EU funds by local and regional authorities and increase the delivery of sustainable EU-funded projects in Europe’s local communities.
* Showcase how EU regions, cities and villages can lead efforts to adapt to and mitigate climate change.
* Change and improve EU policy-making so that it gives a stronger voice to cities and regions, enabling them to be more effective in implementing the European Green Deal and ensuring the delivery of EU climate-change targets.

<–  Student engagement with local issues


Activity: Play the video which explains the goals of the European Green Deal
Identify the most important issues which need to be addressed from the perspective of your local city or region

The European Commission has created a list of calls to action ​with activities that citizens are invited to take.

Activity: Explore the list of local actions and how you can get involved.
Find out more about the Green Deal initiatives being encouraged

Activity:  Does your region / city feature in the
* Committee of Regions Green Deal Best Practices
* Committee of Regions Climate Pact Ambassadors: main webpage
* Chamber of National Ambassadors of the covenant of Mayors

Local engagement.  –>