Module 4: DATA, TOOLS AND RESOURCES – Climate GeoInquiry 4

Climate Predictions for Europe

Use the Teaching the Future Data Dashboard to examine the climate predictions for different places in Europe.
Explore Mediterranean and Baltic regions.

Visit coastal and inland areas.

?  Where are the predicted increases in temperatures greatest?

Examine the chart Variation in º C between 2011-2021 and 2071-2100

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dashboard chart

Activate the full screen mode of this chart and explore the predicted impacts of the differences between the three emission scenarios (high increase, medium (neutral) and low increase).

EVALUATE: Consider how climate change would affect the natural environment and human activity in the high emission scenario? 

Investigate what would be the likely impact on precipitation (rain, snow etc.), droughts, floods, sea level rising, vegetation, landscapes, or biomes? 

What would be the likely impact on agriculture, transportation, trade, tourism, or urban life?

Further reading and resources

EUROSTAT European Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
European Environment Agency data viewer of greenhouse gas emissions
Statista GHG emissions in the EU – Statistics & Facts
World Bank – Total greenhouse gas emissions (kt of CO2 equivalent) – European Union
– GreenMapped: Analysing the Progress Towards 2020 GHG Emission Targets
Climate Action Tracker – EU

<–  Climate GeoInquiry 2


Climate impact

Activity: Play the CNRS video on Europe’s climate in 2050

Climate Neutrality

The EU aims to be climate-neutral by 2050, that is creating an economy with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. This is at at the heart of the European Green Deal.

Activity: Play the video which introduces the European Green Deal and the impact on emissions 

The next part of this module highlights the importance of data in understanding climate change

Climate data.  –>