Module 4: DATA, TOOLS AND RESOURCES – Reflecting ethical issues of climate change

Reflecting ethical issues of climate change

Governments are increasingly forced to make complex decisions in conditions of uncertainty. Good decision-making requires high quality data for forward looking, transformative climate actions.

Climate concerns must be consistent with contemporary ethical requirements, namely respect for human rights and an equal consideration for all (climate justice).

Dealing with difficult issues

Activity: Open the document Consider the issues and the repercussions of climate change on humanity. Consider the questions raised and how you might deal with these in your classroom. 

Activity: Play the video on Climate Justice from Amnesty International

Ethical issues relate to the value judgments embedded in governmental decision-making specifically concerning the diverse stakeholder groups involved.

Taking responsibility for future generations and the principle of solidarity towards others are essential components for the equitable management of the ecological crisis.

Equality is difficult when, due to their distinctive locations, different populations face diverse issues in the face of the climate challenge. Some countries suffer, or will suffer, more from climate change than others.

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According to UNESCO (2019) , respect for climate justice and human rights should result in a principle of international solidarity that alone can guarantee both the global management of climate change and that specific measures for particularly complex situations will be taken.

When changes in the Earth’s climate destroys nature and changes the lives of our fellow human beings, do we have a responsibility to act?

Future climates are complex and their impacts on individuals potentially huge and uncertain. This could lead to the denial of responsibility and a feeling of powerlessness, especially when considering what is fair.

Activity: Play the video on the Story of Climate Justice in the Philippines. Consider how these issues might be discussed with students.

It is important to discuss and critically reflect on such issues.

A more detailed consideration of these issues and some of the repercussions on humanity can be accessed through these online references

Using climate simulations and games.  –>