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One step closer to comprehensive climate change education

On Friday, September 16, the International School hosted experts, teachers and representatives of renowned organisations with the aim of approaching another step towards the establishment of effective and comprehensive climate change education.belgrade meeting

The meeting was held in Belgrade, as part of the project Teaching the Future, which aims to implement education about climate change and the environment in traditional teaching and learning programs in all partner countries participating in this project – Belgium, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Greece and Cyprus.

During the meeting, we presented the results of the conducted research and established clear steps for further implementation of climate change education, taking into account the development of students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as the development of teachers’ competencies. In addition to the aforementioned advancements to the project tasks, current initiatives to reduce the consequences of climate change and to protect the environment were also presented.

The partners are convinced that only through quality education, which is focused on the scientific study of today’s world, for the sake of a better future, can we nurture students to become the citizens of the world.