Result 1: A Report on Climate Curriculum and Pedagogical Guidelines

Early in 2020, nine-year-old Sophie asked her teacher “Is it true we’ve only got ten years to save the planet?”
In that moment, her teacher was unsure what to say…..  (Kirby and Webb, 2021) 

systems thinking diagramThe first result of the Teaching the Future project has been published, looking to provide some recommendation to help answer this question.

The report concerns curriculum and pedagogical guidelines. It assesses the situation experienced in secondary schools as well as the opportunities provided by national curricula in partner countries. It explores climate, citizenship and digital teaching.

Sections examine the use of innovative teaching and learning methods and illustrate participative approaches to involve pupils in active citizenship activities.

The report includes a detailed review of recent academic literature, the results of interviews with focus groups of teachers and interviews with teacher educators.

The purpose is to be able to offer recommendations for relevant trustworthy climate education with suitable and reliable pedagogical approaches and tools.

Reference: Kirby, P. and Webb, R., 2021, Conceptualising uncertainty and the role of the teacher for a politics of climate change within and beyond the institution of the school. Educational Review, 1-19

Diagram source: de Sousa, L.O., Hay, E.A. and Liebenberg, D., 2019. Teachers’ understanding of the interconnectedness of soil and climate change when developing a systems thinking concept map for teaching and learning. International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education, 28(4), 324-342

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