Project activities have been designed in 4 phases:

*Phase 1:
Informed by an analysis of teachers innovative teaching and learning approaches for climate education will be identified and developed. Interviews with climate scientists will help partners identify key messages and important resources/tools for teaching.

*Phase 2:
A climate education data dashboard (Result 2) will be produced that brings the most useful open data, visualisations and examples to classes, with relevant information and news on actions being taken. The tool will be designed to be accessible / available for multi-platforms – computer – laptop – tablet – smartphone.

*Phase 3:
Creating a teacher training course to support and enable innovative approaches to climate education, tested in schools.

*Phase 4:
Concerns finalising the results, gathering examples of teaching activities and learning outcomes which will then be presenting through Storymaps ( for use to assist widespread promotion of the project. TTF focuses on the power of scientific data and the messages it can send. It has the potential to change approaches in schools, strengthening climate awareness and digital and media literacy.