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Digital data project receives quality label

Teaching the Future was developed from an earlier Erasmus Plus project D3 – Developing Digital Data literacy, which examined the importance  of teaching data literacy in schools.

D3 logoD3 (2020-2023) after external review and evaluation has just been awarded the Erasmus Quality Label from the Flemish national agency EPOS (Eposvzw)  for the work undertaken .

D3 related to the need for information literacy for all citizens in Europe helping eradicate present-day problems such as the rise of populism and mis-information in all its forms and dimensions is one of the greatest challenges faced in Europe.

D3 sought to integrate open data, digital skills and democratic engagement in schools.quality label

The D3 project produced four outputs for schools and teachers:

IO1: A review school curricula and qualifications, open data tools
This review relates to the EC Digicomp framework and provides a capacity building tool by identifying opportunities to integrate open data and digital data tools into secondary schools and responsive to “digital data skills” gaps. Download the review

IO2: A Teacher Training Course on digital data
The training course focuses on competences related to digital technologies and data literacy in initial and continuing teacher education and training
Module training units  —  An introduction to the training – Download training materials (6 languages)

IO3: Teaching resources on democratic engagement and open data
These teaching resources provide blueprints for teachers to use digital data and information tools to help build critical engagement and active citizenship.D3 image
Open Data Tools – D3 Lesson Blueprints

IO4: A Gallery of teacher Case studies
These demonstrate pedagogical approaches for developing digital data literacy in secondary schools.
Explore the Gallery

Teaching the Future has developed a data dashboard, data tools, training materials, a pedagogical/curriculum analysis and other resources related to the challenge of teaching about climate change.