Teaching The Future Project Launches

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Teaching The Future Project!

It is based on the needs for climate education identified by the “Teach the Future” campaign. Students from around the world have been protesting at national government’s lack of action on the climate crisis. The campaign asks schools teach young people about the urgency, severity and scientific basis of the climate crisis and its links to health. climate strike image

Teaching the Future will provide opportunities for young people to become informed and empowered to address the urgency of their future in the context of climate change. The resources will help youngsters understand the background and science of climate change. It will establish access to tools and resources that allow a scientific, data-based, school education response to climate change education, one that is set in the context of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Teaching The Future suggests there is great potential for schools, colleges and other secondary education institutions to use innovative digital technologies to integrate climate and associated environmental issues into their curricula.

Teaching The Future encourages education access to open scientific data on climate. Open data is an initiative championed by the European Commission, where information is available to use for instance through European sources like the European Environment Agency Climate Data Centre (link: https://www.eea.europa.eu/themes/climate/dc), the European Space Agency Climate Initiative (http://cci.esa.int/data) and the EU Open Data Portal (https://data.europa.eu/euodp/en/home). These resources can be enhanced with global data sets from for instance NASA (https://www.data.gov/climate/) and Open Climate Data (https://openclimatedata.net/).

You can find out more about the project here.